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The Exercise Prescription Module from
Aspen Information Systems

Along with periodic fitness testing, another role of and evaluating of health-related fitness is essential in the operation of a successful fitness club. In its most basic form, it provides your clients with a snapshot of their present health relative to normal fitness levels, and an idea of what their fitness status can be.

Following the American College of Sports Medicine.s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, the BioProfile Assessment module assists your exercise specialists in evaluating the main health related areas of physical fitness: (1) cardiovascular-respiratory function; (2) body composition; (3) muscular strength and muscular endurance; and (4) flexibility. It is a powerful and flexible tool that includes the widest collection of industry approved fitness tests and normative data research.

The results of the fitness tests can then be effectively utilized as motivators for personal improvement and reinforcement for fitness maintenance. They can be used to create additional income-generating services and member programs.

The system provides the ability to pre-qualify clients for a fitness assessment with a PAR-Q test and obtain informed consent. It also allows capturing of medical information such as medical history, known allergies and current medications.

Whether a full or partial assessment is obtained, a wide array of colorful reports assessing individual fitness in the current appraisal can be provided to members. Comparisons between tests can show customers their successes as well as identify those areas still needing improvement.

Flexibility is key to Aspen Software. While following ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) standards, the system also makes available a variety of internationally supported tests and protocols so that fitness professionals worldwide can confidently use the system. Even % Body Fat can be calculated six different ways.

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