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Bio Log

The BioLog™ module allows members to easily log exercise activities with the added feature of graphically trending various activities including weight, aerobic points or aerobic minutes on screen. Caloric zexpenditure is individually based on each person's own fitness level and reports are available comparing any two fitness assessments. BioLog™ provides members with the motivation to keep working out through immediate feedback, computer generated rankings and incentive programs that can be tracked by the system.

Members can track their individualized workout at a kiosk by choosing activities from user-defined Activities Selection screen(s) using a mouse or touch screen. Icons can be easily added to each selection buttons for visual effect.

The BioLog™ module is also integrated with the check-in system so it can also be used as an alternative to track member attendance.

Download Bio-Log Datasheet
Download BioLog™ Datasheet
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System Features

  • Records Multiple Exercises At A Time
  • View Activity History On Screen
  • Tracks Points And Calories For Day, Month, Year, And Lifetime
  • Conduct Club Surveys
  • Send And Receive Internal E-Mail
  • Stores Member's Default Workout for simplified repeat entry.
  • Life Risk Assessment (based on statistics from U.S. Center for Disease Control)